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Synthetic Drug Intervention

Synthetic drugs, or designer drugs, are man-made chemical compounds created in laboratories. Some are prescribed by doctors to treat different ailments while others are illegal and used for recreational purposes. Many of these illegal drugs are produced to mimic the effects of the real thing. Synthetic drugs are often sold on the internet with warning labels to avoid legal detection. Many individuals have developed an addiction to substances like synthetic marijuana. Without getting professional help at a rehab center, any kind of substance abuse can spiral out of control and cause a variety of health problems, even death.

Brandon Novak understands how challenging it can be to convince your loved one to get addiction treatment. Many addicts struggle to come to terms with their drug problem, making it difficult for their loved ones to get them help. If you have a friend or family member who’s struggling with an addiction to synthetic drugs, our synthetic drug intervention can help you find the professional help they need.

Common Synthetic Drugs

More and more people are experimenting with synthetic drugs. These substances all include chemical compounds that were created to mimic the effects of other drugs that may be more difficult to obtain. The most commonly abused synthetic drugs include:

  • Synthetic marijuana, also known as Spice or K2
  • Bath salts
  • DMT, also known as Foxy or Blue Mystic
  • Flakka
  • Smiles
  • LSD
  • MDMA, also known as ecstasy or molly

How An Intervention For Synthetic Drug Addiction Works

A synthetic drug intervention is a meeting in which the addict’s closest friends and family members share their concerns and confront the individual about their addiction. These meetings are normally planned by the appointed leader of the group or a certified intervention specialist (CIP).

A successful synthetic drug intervention requires detailed planning. A CIP can organize and conduct the intervention, minimizing any family drama or other issues that may take away from the purpose of the meeting. Factors like the time, date, and location of the meeting as well as a list of those who will be in attendance need to be determined ahead of time. The CIP or group leader should also write a script detailing each step of the intervention. Group members will also be asked to write intervention letters that are effective and express their love for the person.

Once these details are sorted out, the group will then figure out a way to get the addict to the meeting. Someone from the group will usually invite the addict to spend some time together only to arrive at the intervention. This isn’t meant to be a trap, but rather an opportunity to have one-on-one time with the person without outside distractions. Once everyone is in attendance, the meeting can begin. The group leader or CIP may introduce the purpose of the meeting and members can begin by reading their letters one by one.

Intervention Services For Synthetic Drug Addiction at Novak’s House

Helping an addict realize their problem isn’t always easy. Before he became a recovery advocate, Brandon Novak had attempted rehab numerous times. But he never quit. Thankfully, his last shot at rehab was a success and he was able to turn his life around. Now he’s helping others do the same. As an intervention specialist, he’s had the pleasure of working with different people all over the nation to get help for their loved ones. He works hard to make himself available to all of his clients and maintains a consistent level of communication throughout the entire process. His experiences in and out of rehab have given him the tools necessary to effectively guide others.

Now it’s your turn. If you have a loved one who needs professional substance abuse help, call Brandon today at (610) 947-5587 for more information about his available intervention services.