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Cocaine Addiction Intervention

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant that is known for its effects on the brain and heart. Although it was originally used for medical purposes like local anesthesia, using cocaine recreationally is currently illegal in the United States. As a street drug, cocaine is often cut with additional additives and substances like laxatives, laundry detergent, caffeine, boric acid, creatine, and more. Dealers will usually do this in order to receive more profit with less product. In addition to the addictive properties of cocaine itself, these additional substances can also cause their own damage.

As a recovering heroin addict, Brandon Novak understands how difficult it can be to get help for someone with an addiction. Fortunately, we offer cocaine addiction intervention services that can help families and friends get help for their loved ones.

What Happens During a Cocaine Intervention?

Denial is a common factor of addiction. Many people with substance abuse disorders are blind or choose to ignore the damage that their habit is having on their lives and the lives of their loved ones. It can make it nearly impossible to convince the individual to receive treatment in a rehab center; this is where an intervention comes in. The purpose of a cocaine addiction intervention is to help the individual realize how their drug abuse is affecting their friends and family. An intervention for cocaine addiction is an opportunity for the addict’s loved ones to open their eyes to the truth about their substance abuse disorders in order to encourage them to seek out professional help.

If you’ve never attempted to set up this kind of meeting, then you probably don’t know what happens at a drug intervention. During an intervention for cocaine abuse, each person involved will read aloud a letter they’ve written to the addict explaining how they’ve been personally affected by the addiction. Intervention letters aren’t meant to be used as a weapon against the individual, but rather as a tool to express love and care for the addict. The addict may feel defensive when they first realize the situation, but staying calm and continuing to show them your love is key to a successful cocaine addiction intervention.

Why Should I Hire an Intervention Specialist?

Interventions can be difficult to coordinate without help. Without guidance, an intervention can quickly veer off course. A certified intervention specialist (CIP) is someone who is trained and licensed to organize and lead intervention services. Not only do they assist in the planning process, but they also lead the meeting to ensure that it stays on track and to prevent any emotional distractions. When family drama disrupts an intervention, which occurs pretty often, it can actually push the individual further away. A CIP like Brandon can prevent the situation from escalating and offer education on addiction.

How Is an Intervention Organized?

A cocaine addiction intervention normally begins with a person who has been appointed as the leader of the group. This person will be in charge of setting up the time, place, and date of the intervention. They will also have the final say in who attends the meeting and who does not. Because interventions are crucial in getting addiction services for a loved one, having too many people or people who aren’t close to the person can cause problems at the time of the meeting. A script or outline of what will happen during the intervention should also be written and a copy given to each person before the meeting. Having a schedule will help to prevent any distractions or interruptions when group members are sharing their letters.

While planning on your own is possible, having a CIP can teach you what not to do at an intervention. A CIP will work with the appointed leader of the group to help them plan an effective intervention for cocaine addiction. A CIP can also offer insight into addiction that can aid in planning the most beneficial intervention possible.

As a CIP and recovery advocate for Redemption Addiction Treatment Center, Brandon Novak has a lot of firsthand experience with addiction, interventions, and the rehabilitation process. If you or someone you know wants to set up a drug intervention, call Brandon at his direct line today: (610) 314-6747.

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