Podcasts - Brandon Novak

Dr. Drew Pinsky Podcast

Dr. Drew Pinsky talks with Brandon Novak, pro skateboarder, actor, author, and recovery advocate. Brandon tells his story of struggling with drugs and alcohol, overcoming his addiction, achieving success, and committing his future to helping others.

The Adam Carolla Podcast

Adam Carolla talks with Brandon Novak about his addiction, celebrity career, and his recovery journey. Brandon talks of his sobriety and how it’s improved his life and allowed him to help others in the process.

Novak and Frantz Podcast

Recovery advocate Brandon Novak speaks about his struggles with addiction, treatments, and his sobriety. After Brandon became a certified intervention professional, he is now able to help others begin their recovery journey. In this recovery podcast, he touches on the difficulties of starting his recovery journey, but how the experience has changed his life for the better.

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