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Reasons to Hire an Intervention Specialist

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Many individuals struggling with substance abuse may be in denial and might avoid seeking treatment.

Many individuals struggling with substance abuse may be in denial and might avoid seeking treatment. Friends and family members may try to persuade their loved ones to seek out addiction treatment without success. Attempting to get your loved one into rehab can prove difficult and may push them away. You can avoid this by setting up a proper intervention.

As a recovering addict himself, Brandon Novak understands how difficult it can be to convince a loved one who is struggling with addiction to get help. Many people who are battling with this disease may feel trapped, but they don’t have to fight alone.

What is an Intervention Specialist?

A certified intervention specialist (CIP) is someone who has the credentials to organize and conduct an intervention for a person who needs treatment for substance abuse. These individuals are required to complete course work to receive their certification. With the help of a CIP, the intervention process can go smoothly and the individual who needs treatment can learn more about their addiction and treatment options in an uncomplicated manner.

Why You Should Hire an Addiction Intervention Specialist

A CIP can help you and your loved one avoid any additional stress or problems throughout the intervention process. Setting up an intervention for someone with an addiction is a delicate process and introducing the idea of treatment should include professional help. There are several reasons to hire an intervention specialist to help someone you know get the help they need.

They Can Help Identify if the Person Has a Mental Illness

Addiction and mental illness go hand in hand, and many people who struggle with this disease tend to suffer from mental health problems as well. CIP’s can help identify if the individual has an underlying mental health disorder and can suggest an appropriate dual diagnosis treatment. These treatments are individualized to help people with an addiction and mental illness recover from the physical and mental aftermath of substance abuse.

They Can Help You Avoid Drama

A rehab intervention specialist can help you and your loved ones avoid the stigma and drama often surrounding interventions. Many movies and television shows portray a dramatic and sometimes violent intervention experience. A CIP can help keep the peace and avoid any problems that may push the person away from the idea of receiving treatment.

They Can Provide Information About Addiction

Another one of the reasons to hire an intervention specialist is because they’re knowledgeable in addiction and can provide information to the individual and their loved ones about the disease. Many people aren’t fully aware of what addiction is and how it can affect a person’s health and character. People may do things they normally wouldn’t because of substance abuse. A CIP can explain the repercussions of addiction and why treatment is important.

As a CIP and recovery advocate for Redemption Addiction Treatment Centers, Brandon travels the country assisting those combatting addiction through the intervention process. He has completed the necessary coursework and is certified to help people take the first step in their recovery journey.

If someone you know is battling with addiction and you want to set up an intervention, call Brandon’s direct line at 610-314-6747

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