Brandon Novak Becomes a Certified Intervention Specialist

Brandon Novak becomes a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP)


Brandon Novak becomes a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) through the Pennsylvania Certification Board

In July 2019, Brandon Novak became a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP). Becoming a CIP enables Brandon to facilitate substance use interventions with families struggling with the grips of addiction and needing help. Brandon says “With these credentials, I am able to guide families and friends and spread the message of hope and healing. It’s about talking with them, not talking at them, or to them, but showing sympathy and compassion to make an already painful experience, easier.”

As a new Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), Brandon Novak is honored and proud to be a part of a prestigious community with this certification. Currently, 163 people are active Certified Intervention Professionals through the Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB); known as the "gold standard" by most and the only one offered by a State Certification Board.

Brandon receives many calls and emails by families looking to help their loved ones into alcohol and substance abuse treatment centers but who are unable to do it by themselves. Brandon takes time to listen and understand what the family is dealing with and offers ways he can make himself available to help whether it’s in person, through the phone or even a Skype conference. Brandon says planning an intervention means having all the key elements to ensure its success. He encourages immediate family members to participate and sometimes includes employers, and close associates as well.

Brandon brings to the table his ability to understand where the addict is coming from and give them options for treatment. What makes a good CIP is being well connected, knowing the treatment industry landscape, having the experience to connect and relate to the addict, and providing solid, viable options that are unbiased. Brandon does just that. His first-hand experience of admitting himself into multiple treatment centers means that he knows the admissions process, understands programs' clinical capabilities and works with a wide network of providers. He can pinpoint where someone needs to go based on age, possible diagnosis and proximity to their location.

If you or a loved one are struggling with drugs and alcohol, and are in need of intervention services, call Brandon today at (610) 314-6747.

For more information about Brandon Novak's intervention services to book Brandon for an intervention or event, see below.

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