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What is a Recovery Advocate and What Do They Do?

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What is a Recovery Advocate and What Do They Do?

Choosing to recover is a tough decision, but it’s worth it. Individuals who undergo treatment at rehab facility centers are guided by certified staff in their journey to sobriety.

Recovery advocates play a big role in an individual’s experience in treatment and their healing process. As a recovery advocate for Redemption Addiction Treatment Centers, Brandon Novak understands the importance of having a recovery advocate present in an addict’s recovery process.


What is a Recovery Advocate?

For people who aren’t familiar with drug rehabilitation, they may ask the question: what is a recovery advocate and what do they do? Recovery advocates are individuals who guide patients in rehab facility centers through their treatments and programs. As part of the certified staff, they ensure patients are getting the most out of their treatments and are experiencing progress. These beneficial mentors have also combatted with addiction at some point in their lives and received treatment. Because they have experienced both sides of this battle, advocates for recovery can empathize with patients and help them better understand the need for treatment.

Throughout Brandon Novak’s recovery, he relied on recovery advocates not only for their general assistance, but as a support system that helped him maximize his experience in rehab and get the most out of his programs.

What Does a Recovery Advocate Do?

A recovery advocate assists in developing material for group activities, recording patients’ progress throughout their treatment, developing material for individual therapy sessions, and steering patients through each step of the 12-step recovery program. Their work doesn’t stop there. Advocates also focus on helping patients outside of their programs.

The amount of information and the sudden shift in lifestyle can be overwhelming for a person who is in their first stages of recovery. The material they learn and pressures from the outside world can be intimidating and discouraging. Recovery advocates are there to help patients process all of this new information and learn how to integrate it into their everyday life. The skills patients learn throughout their treatment and during their time with advocates will help them better transition into everyday life after they’ve completed their programs.

Recovery advocates also help keep patients safe while they’re recovering. They conduct check-ins, look out for potential threats around the facility, and ensure the rules of the center are followed. Withdrawal symptoms and other side effects of substance abuse can be uncomfortable and dangerous. Advocates are there to help keep individuals healthy, safe, and on the right track. Advocates provide emotional support and keep patients accountable for their behavior.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call Brandon at his direct line at 610-314-6747.
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