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Heroin Addiction Intervention

It can be heartbreaking to watch a loved one struggle with substance abuse. As an addict in recovery, Brandon Novak knows that addiction is a disease that can change a person and cause them to hurt themselves and others. We understand that finding peace is difficult when you know that this person needs help. Long-term heroin abuse can be especially harmful and life-threatening. However, this drug is extremely addictive, and the individual may refuse treatment regardless of the damage their substance abuse is causing. This is when a heroin addiction intervention can help.

How Does a Heroin Addiction Intervention Work?

Heroin is an extremely potent and addictive opioid that can cause severe physical and mental damage. Users can quickly develop an addiction even after a few uses. As the physical dependency worsens, the addict may find it difficult to quit and may not realize how drug abuse is affecting them and the people around them. As a result, these individuals may reject the idea of addiction treatment. However, a heroin addiction intervention can help them realize their problem and encourage them to get help.

An intervention is a meeting in which family members can confront their loved ones about their substance abuse problems in a calm and constructive manner. An intervention for heroin addiction is meant to help the individual understand how their drug abuse is affecting others. These meetings are meant to promote family healing and grant the addicted individual the opportunity to apologize for any hurt they may have caused. During a heroin intervention, addicts and their loved ones can have a constructive discussion about addiction and the best direction to go in regarding recovery.

The effects of addiction aren’t limited to the addict. A person’s character and demeanor can change because of drug abuse. They may act out in ways they normally wouldn’t, causing hurt and pain for those around them. A good intervention can help them realize the repercussions of their behavior. A successful intervention will motivate the addict to receive treatment for heroin and heal the relationships they’ve broken. To ensure an intervention meeting for heroin addiction is effective, you have to take the time to prepare. Part of planning an intervention is deciding who will attend, the location, the time, and creating a script that can guide you through the meeting. This script will prevent you from missing any important talking points.

Family members who will be in attendance should also write an intervention letter. In an intervention or impact letter, the family member will share how the individual’s drug abuse has impacted them. This letter is not meant to shame the addict. Rather, it should focus on expressing love for them and support for their recovery. Having an organized script can prevent any family drama or other incidents from occurring that may make the addicted individual feel cornered.

How a Certified Intervention Specialist Can Help

Successful interventions for heroin abuse are usually conducted by a certified intervention specialist (CIP). A CIP is trained and certified to plan and lead interventions. With their expertise and knowledge about substance abuse, they can help the addict realize their need for treatment. A CIP will also educate family members about addiction, how it affects people, and how it can cause someone to refuse help. Because addiction is a complex disease, family members who attempt to conduct interventions on their own may struggle or push their loved ones away if they aren’t properly informed. A drug and alcohol interventionist can help destroy the stigma and stereotype surrounding interventions by encouraging a peaceful and calm meeting. Family drama and other problems can take away from the purpose of a heroin addiction intervention. But with the help of a CIP, you can avoid these problems and conduct a smooth intervention.

Heroin Abuse Intervention at Novak’s House

At Novak’s House, we offer a heroin addiction intervention in Wilmington that is focused on the needs of heroin addicts and their family members. As a CIP himself, Brandon Novak has been able to assist families in conducting interventions for their addicted loved ones. He makes himself available to any inquiries via phone, email, and even Skype. His certification has allowed him to reach out to countless people who have asked for his help. As a heroin addict who has been sober for five years, Brandon has experience with the aftermath of addiction and rehab admission. After several rehab attempts, he decided to stick to his treatment and has maintained his sobriety ever since. His personal setbacks and achievements allow him to relate to the individual while advocating drug abuse treatment.

If you need help setting up an intervention for a loved one, call Brandon today at (610) 314-6747.

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