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The Benefits of Addiction Interventions

the benefits of addiction interventions

Drug and alcohol interventions are meetings that allow family members to discuss how their loved one’s addiction affected them. With the help of a certified intervention specialist (CIP), family members who are closest to the addict can set up a time and place where they can each share their concerns with the individual. Addiction interventions are meant to help the addict realize their problem and motivate them to get help at a rehab center with assistance from their loved ones.

What Are the Benefits of Interventions for Addiction?

As a recovery advocate and CIP, Brandon Novak understands how beneficial interventions can be for the addict’s loved ones as well. There are several benefits of addiction interventions, for both the addict and their loved ones.

Interventions bring the severity of the problem to light.

It can be difficult to express your concerns to someone regarding their addiction. They may not want to hear what you have to say. They may get upset or easily frustrated whenever you try to bring up the conversation. The addict may even be in denial about their problem and brush off the conversation without a care. This can be extremely frustrating. You may feel as if there’s no other way to reach them; however, when the addict is brought into an intervention, then they may realize the severity of their addiction. It may take this meeting to help the thought strike home. When multiple loved ones unite to talk with them about their problem, it may finally register.

Interventions offer a safe space where the family can share their concerns.

Addiction interventions are also meant to be judgment-free zones. While the purpose of holding an intervention for an alcoholic or drug addict is to help them realize they need help, it’s not an excuse to point fingers at anyone. Creating a safe space where family members and the individual can talk about the situation reduces the chances of family drama from occurring. There’s also safety in numbers. If you’ve been struggling to bring the conversation up with the individual on your own, having the support of others in an intervention can give you the boost you need to share your thoughts. This is a great way to show emotional support to each other while encouraging a loved one to get the help they need at an addiction treatment center.

Interventions can motivate an addict to receive addiction treatment.

This is the main purpose of staging an intervention for a drug addict: to convince the individual to get the help they need. Interventions that are led by an addict’s closest family members are meant to motivate them to get the assistance they need and show them that they aren’t alone. Because interventions are often led by CIPs, the family members and the addict may also learn more about addiction as a disease, which can break any problematic stigmas.

As an addict in recovery himself, Brandon has personal experience with the ups and downs of addiction recovery. He understands the benefits of addiction interventions and assists others in getting help for their loved ones as a CIP. If you want to stage an intervention for someone, Brandon can help. Call him now at (610) 314-6747 for more information.

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