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Why Skateboarding is So Popular

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Skateboarding is a sport that has grown in popularity since its introduction in the 1940s. Since then, skateboarders across the globe travel to compete in some of the biggest skateboarding competitions in the world. This sport has allowed people from all around the world to meet, compete, and interact while doing something they love.

Professional skateboarders like Brandon Novak know all about the joys of skateboarding. Before he struggled with addiction, Brandon was a skateboard prodigy. After being sought out by pro-skater Tony Hawk, Brandon was able to travel the world as a young skater with the famous skating team Powell-Peralta. Addiction turned his life upside down and prevented him from progressing in his skating career. Fortunately, after many visits to rehab, Brandon was able to quit and enjoy skating without the drugs.

Why Do People Like Skateboarding?

Skateboarding growth has led to the sport becoming its own world, allowing skaters to turn what was once considered a hobby into a legitimate career. Internationally there are over 20 million skateboards, with 16 million of them being from the United States.1 So why is skateboarding so popular?


The skating community is made up of different people, all with different likes and dislikes. Regardless of these differences, they can all consider themselves part of the skating community. This sense of community is one of the reasons why skateboarding is so popular because skaters feel a sense of belonging and included. Skating is a sport that brings people from all over the world together to do something they love. Skating competitions also create a sense of community among people who would otherwise be complete strangers.


Because skateboarding is such an inclusive sport, it also allows its followers freedom of self-expression. From the designs on their boards to the tricks they pull off in competitions, skaters are free to express their style, beliefs, and personalities within their skating community. As a worldwide sport, this creates a large band of support from fellow skaters all around the globe.

Adrenaline Rush

Aside from its inclusive nature, skateboarding is most commonly known for its thrills. Like many sports, it doesn’t come without its dangers. Injuries are a typical part of skateboarding, but that’s just half the fun. The risk of injury, the determination to pull off a difficult trick, and the physical demands of the sport all come together to produce an intense adrenaline rush. Pulling off a difficult trick you’ve been working on for months is exciting, and that excitement is part of the reason why skateboarding is so popular.

Skateboarding is a fun and challenging sport that has brought strangers from all over the world together to build one big community. The risks and difficulties of skateboarding are what makes the sport so exciting. To many, it’s more than just a sport, but a way of life.

After Brandon Novak received addiction treatment, he was able to enjoy skating again. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, call Brandon at 610-314-6747 to get more information about treatments that can work for you.

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