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Be Proud: Share Your Story in Recovery

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Addiction is unique for everyone and getting sober is a very different experience for each person.

For some, getting sober may take several tries. Others may have an easier time. Regardless of how you got here, your recovery is important and should be shared, not hidden.

How Brandon Shares His Story in Recovery

As a professional skateboarder and television personality, Brandon Novak spent a lot of time in the spotlight before he ever got sober. He was known for his wild antics with his friends and had no problem doing something crazy for other people’s entertainment. Behind the scenes, he was a heroin addict, but that wasn’t something he openly shared. Now that he has found lasting sobriety, he is speaking out.

There are plenty of other celebrities in recovery who are also in the limelight, but not all of them are so willing to share the details of how they got sober. With regular speaking engagements and his memoir Dreamseller, Brandon Novak makes it a point to share his recovery story and for good reason.

The Importance of Sharing Your Story in Recovery

Not everyone is ready to speak up and that’s okay but sharing your story in recovery could be more impactful than you realize.

If you remember hitting rock bottom, then you also probably remember feeling hopeless. You are not the only one. At his worst, Brandon was living on the streets, alone, and had overdosed more than once. It seemed like there was no way he would stop using heroin, but eventually he did. If you went to rehab and are now sober, then you too were able to stop even though there were times when you probably never believed you could. But there are still a lot of people out there stuck in this dark place. If you share your story in recovery, you may just give them the hope they need to start getting out of there and finally get sober.

There is also a stigma surrounding addiction. Many people imagine homeless bums when they think of addicts, but like you already know, addiction doesn’t always fit this stereotype. There are plenty of people who seem fine on the outside but are popping pills every hour or drinking at work. If you share your story in recovery, you may help other people understand this too.

There may be some benefits of sharing your story about getting sober for yourself as well. Recovery stories are an account of how far you have come since being an addict. It can be a good reminder as to why you got sober in the first place and how you never want to go back. Some people even find that telling their story in recovery makes them feel better and more relieved.

Sharing your sobriety story can be scary, but it could also do a lot of good. Do not be afraid to speak up.

If you are still an addict and looking for help, get in touch with Brandon by calling 610-314-6747.
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