The Connection Between Celebrities & Drug Addiction - Brandon Novak

The Connection Between Celebrities & Drug Addiction


Stories of the most recent celebrity going to rehab fill up the tabloids and are spread across the internet like wildfire.

It seems like every day there is a new celebrity that’s gotten carried away with drugs and alcohol. Fame may be accompanied with fortune, luxury, and press, but there also appears to be a strong correlation between fame and addiction.

Drug Abuse Among Celebrities

It isn’t just because we are prone to follow celebrities’ life stories more closely than the average Joe that we read so many articles about substance abuse problems among the rich and famous. Alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and fame seem to go hand in hand all too often; just look at all the seemingly innocent Disney stars who have gone to rehab over the years.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in the art, entertainment, and recreation industry, 12.9% of full-time workers qualified for a substance use disorder in the past year from 2008 to 2012. Out of the 19 different industries that the study looked at, the art, entertainment, and recreation industry had the third highest rate of substance use problems.1

Why Are There So Many Celebrities with Drug Problems?

Unfortunately, Brandon Novak’s life also included a stint with drugs and alcohol. Although he was skating his way into stardom, like so many others before him, his fame helped lead him straight to addiction. So why is there such a strong tie between celebrities and addiction?

There is no single answer as to why fame and addiction are so often related.  Some possible reasons for the strong relationship between celebrities and drug addiction or alcohol abuse include:

  • Highly competitive and stressful industry
  • Pressure from the outside world
  • Frequent harsh criticism
  • Constantly being in the spotlight and having limited privacy
  • Child stars being thrown into an adult world
  • Peer pressure
  • Addiction to the “high” that they get from being in the spotlight and searching for other ways to get that same feeling

Not only do these factors influence substance use, but they can lead to mental health problems that can perpetuate or lead to addiction.

While many celebrities get caught up with drugs and alcohol, many also get help. Brandon Novak is just one of many celebrities who have been able to turn their life around after getting treatment. Now, Brandon is a Certified Intervention Professional who helps others take the first step to sobriety.

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