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What to Do If an Intervention Fails

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Someone you care about has hit rock bottom and is throwing their life away because of drugs and alcohol. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

You saw no other option but to stage an intervention, but that meeting went up in flames quickly. When an intervention fails, it can seem like the end of the world, but as Brandon Novak knows all too well himself, there is still hope.

Reasons Why Interventions Fail

Unfortunately, the reality is that not every intervention is successful. If an intervention is not working, it could be for any number of reasons including:
  • No plan in place
  • Bad timing
  • Everyone talking over one another
  • Pointing fingers and placing blame
  • Name-calling or yelling
  • Interactions become heated
  • No one talks about a solution
  • Emotions take over
  • Negotiating with the addict or giving in
  • No consequences for not getting help
  • Addict isn’t ready to get help

What to Do After a Failed Intervention When an intervention fails, many people are ready to throw in the towel, but you should not give up. It took Brandon a long time to admit he needed help, and even longer for that message to stick. If you stage a failed intervention, here is what you need to do next:

Follow Through

An intervention should talk about the negative consequences if the addict doesn’t go to rehab. If you do not follow through with these consequences, they just become empty threats. The addict will never take what you say seriously and see no need to ever stop what they are doing.

Try Again

An intervention gone bad may be an opportunity to learn. If your Uncle Jack and the person you are trying to help got into a heated argument, don’t invite him next time. If you went into it without a clear plan and didn’t know what you were doing, now you do. If you really want this person to get help, it may take a few tries for the message to get across.

Get Serious

You may want what is best for your addicted friend or family member, but you may not be acting like it. After an addiction fails, it is time to get serious. Take a hard look at what you are doing and how your reactions to their drug or alcohol problems have affected them. You may be permitting their addiction with enabling behaviors and not even realize it. If you ever want them to get sober, this needs to stop.

Get a Professional

Addiction is a disease, and they have intervention specialists for a reason. A professional can lead the intervention while also educating you and everyone else there about addiction. Because their own emotions are not involved, they have a better chance of encouraging the addict to get help while also helping everyone else involved navigate this uncomfortable situation.

Now over five years sober, Brandon is helping people like your addicted loved one get help too. As a certified interventionist, he could be the guidance you both need. To plan an intervention with Brandon or just to reach out to him for help, call 610-314-6747.
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