Heart Supply Collaboration with Brandon Novak - Brandon Novak

Heart Supply Collaboration with Brandon Novak

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Heart Supply is a collection of skateboarding merchandise that strives to unite the skateboarding community with positive messages. To promote his message of addiction recovery, Brandon is now working with Heart Supply

The Brandon Novak Heart Supply collection represents a major milestone in his life as he celebrates five years of continuous sobriety.  The creator behind the Hearty Supply is Johnny Schillereff, the CEO and founder of Element; one of the world’s most popular skateboard decks, merchandise, footwear, and apparel. The Heart Supply features one-of-a-kind merchandise made exclusively for its fans.  Brandon Novak and long-time pal Bam Margera are featured in their latest merchandise, which dropped June 2020.  Each item in this collaboration represents all the beautiful things that Brandon has accomplished since giving up drugs and alcohol.

  Bam Margera and Brandon Novak have stood by one another’s side since their youth and skated together ever since.  Despite mountain highs and valley lows, these incredible individuals have endured every element and only grown closer. This project celebrates compassion and forgiveness in a time when the world needs it most. Not only is the message a positive one, but also a portion of the proceeds from the Brandon Novak Heart Supply collection will go to benefit @attackaddiction, an organization that works to raise awareness about the disease of addiction.

Love & Hate designed by @johnnyschillereff
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