Recovery Wars: Fighting Back Against Addiction | Brandon Novak

Recovery Wars: Fighting Back Against Addiction

Recovery Wars: Fighting Back Against Addiction

The surge in the opioid epidemic has brought nothing but devastation to the lives and families of many abusers.

However, some have turned these tragic stories into hope, as well as assistance to families whose addiction continues. The King’s Crusade has raised both awareness for addiction as well as financial help for families of drug addicts that have become victims to this epidemic. The King’s Crusade is a non-profit organization founded by the family of King Shaffer Jr., who passed away from a drug overdose in 2016. In honor of King, the organization is hosting their annual fundraiser “Recovery Wars”.

This organization is 100% donation-based and provides support for families of drug addicts, financial assistance towards sober living move-in costs, payment for transportation to treatment centers, Medication-Assisted Treatment copays, and other necessities on behalf of individuals furthering their recovery in treatment.

On September 19th, The King’s Crusade will be conducting their annual Fundraising Dodge Ball tournament, also known as Recovery Wars, in Sicklerville, NJ. Sober living homes, treatment centers, and recovery advocates like Brandon Novak will all be in attendance. There will be a DJ, a performance by Tony Luke, a special prize awarded to the winning team, and so much more!

Brandon Novak, founder of Novak House’s and recovery advocate for Redemption Addiction Treatment Center, will also be there and will be sharing his journey with addiction and his long road to recovery. Like The King’s Crusade, Novak’s House, helps men in recovery get on their feet as well as aids in finding job employment. Novak’s sober living for men provides both structure and support for residents to find lasting success on their long journey through addiction recovery.

Aside from celebrating the life of King, Recovery Wars will highlight the struggles faced by addicts and their families as well as provide information on resources available in their community. If you or a family member needs help finding a treatment center or a sober living facility, call Redemption Addiction Treatment Center today at (610) 314-6747.

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