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How Brandon Novak Turned His Life Around

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From the outside, Brandon Novak’s life looked to be something that anyone would want.

He got to travel the world skateboarding and was getting rich off of doing stupid stuff with his friends. He even starred in a Gatorade commercial next to Michael Jordan. Although many people would have been quick to switch places with the MTV celebrity, behind the scenes, Brandon Novak was a heroin addict and falling fast.

After multiple overdoses and several stints in rehab, nothing seemed to stick for Brandon. He suffered relapse after relapse and his own mother gave up hope of him ever staying sober. So how did this down-and-out junkie finally turn his life around?

Brandon Novak’s Rise from Rock Bottom

Although Brandon was going through the motions of getting sober, he wasn’t fully accepting of it. It wasn’t until he changed this mindset about his addiction that Novak finally turned his life around for good.

The thirteenth time Brandon went to rehab, he may have been at one of his lowest points ever in his life. His 25 years of addiction had left him broken down, homeless, and with little left to his name. In his previous attempts at treatment, Brandon had leaned on his fame and fortune despite his glaring heroin problem that threatened both. He didn’t want to listen to others and wasn’t willing to take any advice because he had been so successful in the past. Although Brandon had accomplished a lot in his life so far, this stubborn attitude was stopping him from quitting heroin for good.

Finally, as Brandon made his way to that thirteenth treatment center, something clicked in his mind. He realized that although he had enjoyed a life of fame and fortune before, with the direction his life was headed in now, he didn’t have all the answers. His life had fallen a long way since the glory days in the spotlight. He was now homeless, struggling to get by on the streets, and slowly killing his mother in the process. When Brandon was finally able to accept that he didn’t know as much as he originally thought, he also saw the high price of his heroin habits. With this harsh reality now glaring him in the face, heroin was no longer the escape Brandon had craved; it was now a horrible reminder of how much he had lost and who he was hurting. With this new perspective, Brandon was more accepting of help and treatment finally stuck. It was the first of many steps, but Brandon turned his life around for the better, and everyone needs to begin somewhere.

Learn from Novak

If you have your own drug problems, it may seem like there is no hope, but Brandon Novak is proof that there is. It may have taken him thirteen tries in drug rehab to get it right, but now he has five years of sobriety to show for it.

Learn from Brandon and get help. No matter how far you may have fallen, sobriety is possible. If you need someone to talk to about your addiction, call Brandon at 610-314-6747.
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