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Brandon Novak and Joey Jett Collab in New Project

brandon novak joey jett collab

Brandon Novak and Joey Jett collaborated on a new project set to help others in their addiction recovery journey.

After the two famous pro skateboarders from Boston went on a skate trip to Barcelona, little did they know that their coming together could change lives.

Pro skateboarder Joey Jett is not only a skilled skateboarder, but he is also a talented designer with his own clothing brand, Jett. Joey decided that he wanted to collaborate with Brandon where, for every item sold, a portion of the proceeds is donated to Novak’s House, a sober living facility for men in Delaware. The proceeds are being used to cover the cost of residency for an entire month in sober living homes for individuals in need. This will allow the men in addiction recovery time to get on their feet and find a job to be able to pay their rent moving forward, giving them a better chance at success in recovery.

Skateboarding and drug abuse are often linked, and Brandon was a skater who fell victim to drugs. However, skateboarding has been Brandon’s one constant and through that medium, he’s been able to connect with like-minded individuals while also helping those suffering from the disease of addiction. On how they met, Joey says, “Novak and I met 1 year ago in the freezing cold at a Sharp Dressed Man charity event to help provide clothes to homeless. Novak walked up to me and invited me to Barcelona on a skate trip. I’m always up for a good adventure - so I said yes immediately. Little did I know this trip would be life-changing for both of us. I lost my sponsorship and lost my creative spirit. Not traveling, skating, or creating art for close to a year, I felt lost. Novak was a skating phenom on his way to go pro & got derailed because of heroin that ended up consuming him for 20 years. He is sober now for 6 years, but he is missing his childhood dream. We met at a time in our lives where we were both in the process of overcoming heartbreaking obstacles. We went to Spain to rekindle our love for something we both lost. We both did exactly that through friendship, inspiration, and beautiful moments. For my latest clothing release, I have partnered up with Novak and I am giving a portion of each sale to the Novak’s House - a home for recovering addicts. Go check out the film.”

As a result of Brandon Novak’s and Joey Jett's collab in this new project, more people with substance use disorders will get the help they need to recover. No matter how many times you get knocked down, you can get back up, and that’s what skateboarding teaches you. As a pro skateboarder who went from heroin addict to certified intervention specialist, Brandon Novak knows what that’s like. If you are looking for support as you embark on your recovery journey, Novak’s House is there for you.

If you’re interested in setting up an intervention or finding a sober living facility for a loved one battling addiction, call Brandon now at (610) 314-6747 for more information about his drug and alcohol interventions and Novak’s House. .

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