The Art of Mental Health | Brandon Novak

The Art of Mental Health

The Art of Mental Health

In celebration of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month 2021, Punk Rock and Paintbrushes presents an art auction to bring attention to mental health awareness.

This on-site auction will be held September 10th to the 12th at the Speakeasy ART exhibit at Beach Life Festival. Our very own Brandon Novak, the founder of “Novak’s House”, will be joining in effort to spread the knowledge concerning mental health awareness.

The Punk Rock and Paintbrushes family has teamed up with Brandon Novak, who is widely transparent regarding both his journey through addiction and now achieved sobriety, to bring to you, “The Art of Mental Health” event. Novak’s purpose includes providing housing for recovering addicts and helping them ease into a successfully sober lifestyle. Substance abuse is a major contributing factor to mental illness and suicidal behavior, which is why seeking intervention services, addiction treatment, and aftercare through sober living homes is crucial. The proceeds of The Art of Mental Health event are being used to cover the cost of residency for an entire month in sober living homes for men in need. This will allow the men in addiction recovery time to get on their feet and find a job to be able to pay their rent moving forward, giving them a better chance at success in recovery. Not only will “The Art of Mental Health” event represent the importance of mental health awareness, but it will provide information regarding recovery in this community.

With the troubling effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, evidence suggests suicidal rates and attempts have risen. Because September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, it is a great time to start, as well as expand the conversation about suicide and mental health.

Other than attending The Art of Mental Health event, there are many other suicide prevention month ideas that will give you the opportunity to participate. Some may include, sharing your personal story of struggling with mental illness or suicide attempt. Learning how to recognize the signs of suicidal idealizations in either friends or family. Also donating to organizations whose mission gears towards suicide prevention

Mental illness and/or suicidal thoughts is not easy to overcome alone. Although National Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month offers resources, if you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts or mental illness, you must seek help. We care and are eager to help you make the necessary steps to take control of your life today!

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