Brandon on the Banyan Treatment Centers Podcast - Brandon Novak

Brandon on the Banyan Treatment Centers Podcast

Brandon Novak Banyan Treatment Center Podcast

Brandon's Guest Appearance on Banyan Treatment Centers' Celebrity Sobriety Podcast

Tune in to hear Jon and Megan interview Brandon Novak about the Roots to Recovery scholarship on their very first Banyan Treatment Centers podcast. Brandon is a skateboarder, an MTV celebrity, an alumnus of the Jackass motion picture series, a star of the legendary CKY skateboard video series, and New York Times Bestselling author.

Brandon Discusses Banyan's Recovery Scholarship Program

During his time on the podcast, Brandon discusses the importance of supporting the Roots to Recovery Scholarship. This rehab scholarship program is designed to help an individual in need to get treatment. In particular, the scholarship winner will get a 30-day partial hospitalization treatment stay in Pompano Beach, Florida. Through Banyan Cares, Banyan’s merchandise store, all proceeds go toward the Roots to Recovery Scholarship Program.

Brandon is excited to share the news of the Scholarship and says, “The reality is 1 out of 3 people will be affected by addiction today in the nation. Addiction is the number one offender among humans. Many people don’t have the funds (for treatment).” Megan and Brandon both share their experience of what it was like when they first entered treatment and that those very programs that helped them don’t exist today since many people cannot afford them. Unfortunately, many good programs end up closing their doors and because of this, Brandon and his team wanted to figure out a way to bring people who cannot afford treatment a scholarship to do so.

Along with promoting this scholarship, Brandon Novak frequently travels the nation helping people into treatment through interventions, calls, in-person visits and any way he can help give them get the same gift of recovery that he has. While there is still room for improvement, Brandon does believe the resources that are available are getting better.

Opinions About MAT (Medicated Assisted Treatment)

During the podcast, Megan also discusses Medicated Assisted Treatment and how it helps lower death count. MAT is a controversial subject whereas most abstinence-based treatment providers believe in abstaining from any drug or mind-altering substance even if that includes Suboxone or Methadone treatment. However, Brandon says, “Who is anyone to judge if that’s the way it may keep someone clean and out of a grave?” Both discuss their experiences with treatment, 12 step meetings, Al-Anon, family meetings and other resources that are available to the recovery fellowship community.

If you or a loved one are struggling with drugs and alcohol, call Brandon today at (610) 947-5587.

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